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For the last 8 years, we have been assisting employment practitioners to place more people into sustainable employment, as well as helping their jobseekers build the skills and confidence to gain employment.


From the employment practitioner’s perspective, we understand that although your job is rewarding, it has it's challenges. We get that it's nerve-racking to pick up the phone and make that cold call to employers. We get that many times your jobseeker would rather be somewhere else than sitting across the desk from you. And, we also get that it's not easy keeping someone in sustainable employment.



From the jobseeker’s perspective, we get that it’s not easy being unemployed. We understand the constant rejection is not helping your self-esteem. And, we also get that you’re probably feeling less than motivated to find a job.


That’s why we have created training and coaching programs that are tailored to both employment practitioners and their jobseekers.


Our workshops, coaching, and consultations have helped thousands of people across Australia with not only their skills, but also mindset.


Get in contact with us today and let’s see how we can help you.

Meet our Founder

Rana Kordahi
Founder & Director
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Rana Kordahi is a sales and reverse marketing coach and trainer. As well as a learning & Development consultant, and TEDx Speaker. She was voted a Top 10 Female Sales Coach in 2020 by Yahoo Finance and Top 15 Sales Experts to Watch in 2021 by The Australian Business Journal.


For the past 10 + years she has helped thousands of job seekers and employment practitioners in employment services learn how to sell. Whether it's to sell their services and job seekers to employers, or helping job seekers sell themselves into a job. She has won several awards for placing the most people into work, as well as awards in ‘innovation’ in her training workshops.

Because Rana has a learning & development background, combined with sales experience, she is focused on   creating learning that sticks. Through creating tailored learning sessions, indepth learning needs analysis, as well as having an understanding of adult learning styles, Rana is able to create outstanding learning experiences. But most importantly, she understand and applies the principles of change management to her training, because without change, the learner will simply walk out of the training not feeling inspired to implement the learning.  

Rana doesn't believe in knowledge collection, but implementation and results. And this is the reason why most of her bigger courses include implementation programs and12-week strategy plans.

One of the main reasons Rana started Employment Services Training was because she undertood the frustrations and challenges that employment practioners face daily. Particularly when they have to do Reverse Marketing and pick up the phone and cold call employers. Or being let down once again by the job seeker who didnt attend the job interview. Rana also knows the amazing feeling of helping someone believe in them self again, when they had originally lost all hope.  As well as how great it feels to break through a job seekers' barriers, whether it was mental health issues, bad interview techniques or helping them get a qualification.

Read the full story of why Rana Started Employment Services Training here.








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