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Smash that Job Interview

Job Interview

Would you like to...

Would you like to learn how to master the job interview?


How about talk with confidence and conviction when answering difficult questions?



Many people have the skills, qualification and attributes for the job. They are more than capable and qualified, yet they blow the job interview. Mastering the art of answering job interview questions is a special skill which needs to be taken seriously. Many times, it’s not even the best person for the job, but the person who sold themselves well at the job interview, that lands the job.


In this workshop, we will not only teach you practical methods in how to prepare and answer interview questions but also stand out from your competition. It doesn’t matter if you have been out of a job for years, don’t have the work experience or changing careers. Our methods have helped thousands of people land their dream job.

What participants will learn
  • Learn specific preparation techniques to help you prepare

  • Craft your story and unique value proposition

  • Develop the right mindset to ease nerves, as well as speak with confidence and conviction

  • Discover a specific formula that will help you answer any question with ease

  • Learn tools in order to build a connection and rapport with recruiters and employers

  • Practice different job interview scenarios

We can go anywhere in Australia or the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.



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