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Feel more Confident and Motivated when Finding a Job


Would you like to...

Feel more confident when looking for a job or attending a job interview?


Have a clear goal setting strategy when looking for a job? 


Feel more resilient despite all the knockbacks and rejection?

In life, most success is more about mindset than skill. The same principle applies when looking for a job. The most successful people who have no issue finding employment and advancing in their careers understand this. This workshop has been designed for those jobseekers that need that extra confidence when it comes to putting themselves out there, as well as learning how to set goals and become more resilient.

What participants will learn
  • Have a clearer vision and purpose when finding a sustainable job

  • Master control over your thoughts, behaviour and actions

  • Develop tools which will help you with your confidence

  • Learn ways of how to become more resilient no matter how much rejection you face

  • Examine the 5 pillars of (EQ) emotional intelligence and how to use them when looking for a job

  • Discover your limiting beliefs and how you can challenge them

  • Develop self-care techniques so you don't burn out

  • Walk away with a blueprint for job search success



We can go anywhere in Australia or the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.



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