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How the Top Employment Consultants Hit their Job Placement Targets

1. They focus on creating job opportunities

Some of the best employment practitioners don’t spend all their time on seek and advertised jobs. They know that it’s competitive out there, especially for people with multiple employment barriers. Instead, they look at the gaps in a business and carve a job to fill a gap. They create a need and sell that need to the employer. But most importantly they know how to articulate the benefits and create value propositions that can grab the employer’s attention in seconds.

2. They reverse market with purpose

When they pick up the phone, they don’t care about how much rejection they get. Because at the end of the day it’s not about them or their feelings. It’s about the jobseeker who has not been given a fair go in both society and the labour market. Before they pick up the phone or go out cold canvassing, their mission statement and their why is bigger than their fear.

3. They are always networking

I once met an employment consultant who told me how she used to line up daily at 7 am at the 7-Eleven waiting to pay for her coffee. As she was in the line, she met several people who worked in construction. They chatted daily and she ended up getting many job placements for her clients by getting to know these guys. So whether it’s at the local café, doctors or school committee, top employment consultants always keep an ear and eye out for work opportunities. They have their business card ready just in case they meet an internal decision-maker or influencer in an organisation.

5. They know how to sell the idea of working to the jobseeker

They understand that if the jobseeker is not sold on working, then it doesn’t matter how much reverse marketing they do. Because they won’t have anyone to fill the role. So they help the jobseeker believe in their own talents and abilities, as well as create goals and compelling futures. They also know how to articulate the value of the job beyond wages and hours.

6. They treat their jobseekers like million-dollar clients

One of the consistent feedback I got when I was an employment consultant was that my clients felt like I treated them like they were the only person that mattered in that moment. I made them feel special. From the handshake to asking them how they liked their coffee. But most of all, I took a genuine interest in where my clients have been, where they currently are, and where they wanted to go. Not just in their career, but life in general.

7. They know how to fill and work their pipeline

When they pick up the phone and prospect, it’s not a one-time event. But a consistent

effort of building and nurturing their employer pipeline. They understand how marketing touchpoints work, as well as how to create a cadence of diverse outreach methods. But most importantly, they know that the golden conversations happen in the follow-up.



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